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Workplace pact to focus on compliance

Published: September 20, 2016

A new workplace pact could help to encourage greater compliance with Australia’s federal workplace laws.

The Fair Work Ombudsman will work with the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) to allow for greater sharing of information to help promote workplace compliance.

Under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding, the Fair Work Ombudsman will provide support and will meet formally at least twice a year to look at potential issues within the employment sector.

Deputy Fair Work Ombudsman Michael Campbell explained: “As part of our endeavours to create a culture of compliance in Australian workplaces, and our desire to work with as much information as is available, we welcome this MoU and look to the benefits it brings to both parties.”

RCSA chief executive officer Charles Cameron stressed the focus would be on ensuring the protection of vulnerable workers and preventing worker exploitation.

“For every dodgy labour hire contractor, there is generally an irresponsible buyer and the criminal element only exists because these companies continue to turn a blind eye and don’t engage ethical labour supplies,” said Mr Cameron.

He added: “The onus must be upon the buyers of the services as much as it must be upon the labour suppliers.”

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