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Report reveals gender bias in Australian workplaces

Published: September 6, 2016

Gender bias is present in many of the country’s organisations, according to the latest research.

report produced by Chief Executive Women and Male Champions of Change claims many managers believe they do hire staff objectively, but there is an underlying bias in support of men rather than equally qualified women.

The research found men were twice as likely to view men over women as effective problem-solvers and therefore possibly more suitable for a position.

“Many studies confirm that we are drawn to those who think, look and act like us,” the report found.

“This is a problem for women working in male-dominated environments where there are deeply held beliefs and norms about who is suitable for leadership. Research has found that gender bias persists in many organisations, and even more so in self-labelled ‘meritocracies’.”

Male Champions of Change convener Elizabeth Broderick explained when trying to assess someone’s potential it was hard to be subjective and work is needed to address the gender bias in Australia.

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