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Productivity hacks: 4 tips for boosting output

Published: February 6, 2017

From the factory floor to the office boardroom to retailers and beyond, business decision makers across Australia are seeking new and innovative solutions for boosting workplace productivity. Here is a sample of some interesting examples to consider:

1) Take a look at how workplace meetings occur in your organisation. Research suggests choosing an odd time to start the meeting and sticking to it is helpful to make the most of meetings, as is keeping teams small also makes for a more productive meeting environment. You could even consider removing chairs so everyone stands up for meetings.

2) Encourage personal goal setting and productive habits in individual employees. Zenhabits recommends personal tips like creating time pressure, mapping out work with schedules, setting specific work times each day dedicated to tasks, and working hard for set periods of time with plenty of short breaks to recover.

3) Implement flexible work practices. According to Inc., access to flexible work arrangements supports employee health, well-being and work-life outcomes, as well as positively affecting workforce participation.

4) Examine the technology (both hardware and software) in use. Sometimes outdated technology is holding the business back. A range of productivity enhancing options is available to serve different business needs.  Within the HR sphere, Mitrefinch Workforce Time and Attendance Software is an efficient, fast and smart way to manage your complete workforce. Mitrefinch provide a wide variety of employee time and attendance software systems, making it easier than ever to manage your complete workforce – regardless of your industry, size of business, or work patterns. As well as monitoring employees’ clocking in and out times, Mitrefinch workforce time and attendance management system collects attendance information which you can analyse to find better ways to increase productivity, cut administration costs, reduce absence and eliminate costly payroll errors.

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