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Managing Manufacturing Workforces in Industry 4.0

Published: December 11, 2018

Ever wondered what the future of the manufacturing industry could look like? Look no further, the future is here. 

The manufacturing sector is once again at the forefront of change. This change is so significant that it is likely to completely overhaul the way we design factories and make products. Industry 4.0 is upon us and is drastically changing the face of the manufacturing industry. With automation of systems and processes, and accelerated data exchange within manufacturing technologies, Industry 4.0 carries huge expectations for improved operational efficiencies and productivity.


Workforce Management iIndustry 4.0  

Industry 4.0 is drastically demanding changes to how employers are managing their workforces. Manual and disparate systems compromise efficiencies and productivity. While others are embracing the use of technology to support performance, businesses that refuse to change may be left behind. 

Workforce management is a key area of focus for driving operational efficiency and cost reduction, enabling businesses to: 

  • Maximise workforce productivity 
  • Control labour costs 
  • Accurately manage and pay employees 
  • Ensure compliance 
  • Drive employee engagement 
  • Secure the business. 


What’s next? 

Recent history shows that those organisations that identify and plan for change are the ones that will prosper, while those which fail to do so struggle and eventually fail. The contrasting fortunes of retailers is a good example, with companies that failed to adapt to the emergence of ecommerce such as Blockbuster and Toys R Us no longer with us, and those which did far better placed to take on the challenge of the pure-play e-tailers. 

The next few years will see a seismic shift in the manufacturing sector, as AI, machine learning and robotics continue to infiltrate the industry. Those businesses which can plan for this now will be far better placed to cope, not only benefiting from increased efficiency but also developing and retaining the human skills they need to flourish. The manufacturing sector is once again at the forefront of change. How manufacturers manage their workforces will be an example to other industries surrounding the impact technology can have for good in workforces. 


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