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Lack of entry-level roles across Australia

Published: November 28, 2016

A lack of entry-level roles in Australia over the last decade could be forcing many into financial difficulty claims a new report.

Data from the Anglicare report shows 13 per cent of all posts advertised in May 2016 were for entry-level positions – down from 21 per cent at the same point in 2006.

Such vacancies are ideal for those with limited skills and experience and often provide a vital step into the job market.

During the same time period, 37 per cent of jobs advertised required a bachelor degree or higher qualification.

“Rather than looking at the most effective mechanisms for improving participation by the unemployed, especially disadvantaged jobseekers, successive governments have adopted approaches aimed at shaping behaviour and punishing people when they do not respond as required,” explained the report’s authors.

The report from the welfare group called for more to be done to remove barriers to employment and ensure there are suitable positions available.

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