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Dads should be given more flexible work options

Published: September 29, 2016

Australian businesses should offer more flexible work options for dads so they can have a good work-life balance, according to a not-for-profit group.

Diversity Council Australia (DCA) believes those who have more options about where and when they work are more effective employees.

Lisa Annese, the chief executive officer of DCA, said evidence suggests it is in the interest of companies to ensure the wellbeing of workers as it brings economic benefits.

“When both parents are able to spend time with their children, workplaces and families benefit,” said Ms Annese.

She added: “Research found men who have greater access to flexible work are more effective in their jobs, report higher work performance, are less troubled by work overload and take fewer risks that can compromise productivity.

“Moreover, they are absent for fewer days and have lower levels of personal stress and burnout and work-life interference or conflict.”

The DCA has produced a framework to encourage businesses to do more to put in place flexible working for all staff and foster a culture that promotes a good-work life balance.

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