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Minister defends innovation

Published: August 10, 2016

It is vital that innovation plays a key role in the country’s job market, claims Australia’s new minister for industry, science and innovation.

Greg Hunt, speaking at his first press conference in the role, explained innovation and the embracing of new technology is important for the future of the economy, especially as it would lead to increased employment opportunities and strong returns for businesses.

“Sixty per cent of Australia’s productivity comes from innovation,” explained Mr Hunt.

He added: “It could be a coffee roaster, it could be a mechanic, it could be a small business, or it could be the new exciting businesses.

“Innovation matters for everybody because it’s about productivity – and that’s about more jobs, better jobs, better wages, and more profitability.”

Prior to the recent ministry reshuffle, Mr Hunt had the role of environment minister and was keen to introduce policies to tackle the issue of climate change.

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