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Workforce Time and Attendance in the Food Industry

Published: March 22, 2016

Australia’s food industry, comprising areas as diverse as agriculture, fisheries, food processing and manufacturing, food service and catering and food retail, is worth more than AUD 100 billion, and employs more than 312,000 Australians. Food manufacturing makes up over a quarter of the total Australian manufacturing industry.

With Australia’s reputation as a provider of clean, natural foods, China’s readiness to invest in agricultural infrastructure and its huge population’s growing appetite for Australian produce, the opportunities for Australia’s food industry are immense. In addition to the great opportunities, the industry also experiences a unique set of challenges.

Mitrefinch provides companies operating within the food industry with the tools to track employee attendance, reduce absenteeism, and improve productivity as well as plan for future work. TMS software allows supervisors and managers to perform a range of useful tasks, such as tracking expenses against revenue, automating compliance with work rules and industry award entitlements and ensuring shifts align with machine times in order to maximise productivity.

Click here to request your free copy of the new Mitrefinch Australia White Paper, which looks at workforce management issues as they relate to the Australian food industry, including data capture, mobile workforce, job costing, absence management, workplace health and safety, and fatigue management.

With over 3,000 customers globally, the list of Mitrefinch customers in Australia within the food industry reads like an A-Z guide. Here are just a few of the organisations currently benefitting from our systems; Aussie Farmers Direct, B.E. Campbell, Capilano Honey, Covino Group, General Mills Manufacturing, Hudson Pacific, Kerry Ingredients, Manassen Foods, Norco, & San Remo Macaroni Company.

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