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Go Home on Time Day 2016

Published: November 22, 2016

Today (Wednesday 23 November, 2016) is the 8th annual Go Home on Time Day, an initiative of The Australian Institute, and a great way to recognise that life is about more than just work.

This year, you can discover how many hours of unpaid overtime you are donating each year, what it’s costing you and how you compare to the average Australian, via an ‘unpaid overtime calculator’ on their website.

Depending on your situation, the topic of working overtime can be viewed as superfluous, necessary, ‘no big deal’, manageable, or otherwise. Regardless of your opinion, it certainly has a profound impact on all members of an organisation – from top decision makers, to management and supervisors, to employees, financially, psychologically, physically, and otherwise.

If you are not tracking your employee’s times, a Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system will provide you information about where your company’s payroll bill goes. These reports will form the basis of programs to reduce absenceallocate shifts more effectively, manage flexible working or reduce a reliance on overtime.

For further information about working overtime, please visit the Australian Government’s Fair Work Ombudsman website.

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