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Five Fast Flexibility Facts

Published: January 12, 2017

Flexible work practices. Much more than just a passing management fad, Australia’s shifting demographics and enlightened legislation protecting workers’ rights mean that business decision makers are increasingly looking at flexibility as a critical human resources issue.

Here are some facts:

  • Companies catering to flexible work options are more likely to retain employees, keep employees happy and save on healthcare costs tied to burnout and stress. (CBS)
  • Many employees are more productive when they work remotely. (Stanford)
  • Around 90 per cent of Fortune 1000 companies offer part-time schedules, 77 per cent offer flextime, and about half offer job-sharing. (OI Partners)
  • 51 per cent of working adults (ages 18 to 44) plan to look for a new job within the next three years with an employer that offers flexible work options. (Mom Corps)
  • Working men are twice as likely as working women to give up more than 10 per cent of their salary for more flexibility. Young professionals are 3 times more likely to take a pay cut for flexibility. (Mom Corps)

As Australia is always quick to adopt new ideas, technological business solutions are at the forefront of easy and realistic ways for Australian decision makers to achieve greater flexibility in the workplace.

Mitrefinch’s mobile workforce applications, improve workplace productivity by making it easier for supervisors and employees to complete a wide range of work related and administrative tasks from any location, at any time. By utilising the mobile devices they are already familiar with, employees can clock in/out or on/off specific jobs from remote work sites, request leave, and review their work information in real time.

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