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Australia seeks more working backpackers

Published: November 15, 2016

The government has introduced changes to allow more overseas workers to come to Australia.

A new campaign will promote the benefits of taking a working holiday in the country, especially the more favourable rates of tax and lower working visa costs.

There is also the possibility that the current working holiday visa will be extended to include travellers aged up to 35 – up from its current 18 to 30 years old limit.

“With recent changes announced to the program, a working holiday in Australia is now easier and affordable,” said Steven CioboAustralia’s Minister for Trade, Tourism & Investment.

“Australia offers working holiday makers the highest after tax wages compared to competitor countries like Canada and New Zealand.”

Each visa allows qualifying people to stay in Australia for up to two years and after the first 12 months, all workers are required to do at least three months of “specified work” in regional Australia so they can experience the different cultures of the country rather than remain based in the larger cities.

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