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Campaign aims to boost girls in tech

Published: October 28, 2016

A new initiative in Australia is hoping to encourage more girls to consider a career in the digital technology industry.

Global non-profit organisation Girls in Tech is hoping that a series of events will support females who are attracted to positions that involve working within the digital technology sector.

At present, women make up around 20 per cent of Australia’s digital technology workforce, but worryingly around 33 per cent leave the sector within ten to 15 years.

This is significantly different to other industries, such as the finance and insurance sectors, where women account for 27 per cent of workers.

Minister for Small Business, Innovation and TradePhilip Dalidakis, welcomed the new initiative in the hope it will address the gender imbalance.

“Girls in Tech will play a leading role in helping to address the gender imbalance in Australia’s digital technology sector by empowering girls and women to cultivate ideas and learn new skills to advance their careers,” explained Mr Dalidakis.

He added: “If we want to become the number one tech destination across the Asia Pacific, the industry needs to step up and create more opportunities for girls and women.”

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