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Australian tech sector poised for strong growth in 2016

Published: March 10, 2016

A variety of recently released reports suggest the outlook for Australian firms’ spending on IT infrastructure and technology is positive, and poised to increase in 2016.

International research company Gartner’s data suggests that Australia’s spending on technology will grow by just under 3 per cent this year to top an estimated AUD 79 billion. Gartner’s studies also suggest that Australia will perform particularly well compared to global tech spending growth estimates of just 0.6 per cent for 2016.

Meanwhile, separate research from Talent Management magazine’s Human Capital Media Advisory Group found that just over 50 per cent of human resources professionals are confident that their company’s HR technology spending grew last year, compared to 2014.

Data centre systems spending is projected to reach $75 billion in 2016, a 3 per cent increase from 2015.

With information technology and software services playing a key role in meeting the needs of Australian enterprises, business process improvements through investments in technology stand to boost productivity, efficiency, and enhance human resources functions.

Many Australian firms are seeking new ways to streamline their time and attendance, job costing, and labour costing practices, yielding greater flexibility and control over the way they manage their workforce.

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