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Tifco Hotel Group

Tifco Hotel Group has 13 Hotels properties with over 1830 hotel rooms in total – from The Crown Plaza Hotel Group, Clontarf Castle, a unique Castle Hotel and Conference Centre and the Burlington Hotel, Ireland’s largest hotel, to the luxurious Parknasilla Resort & Spa in Kerry and the 5 star Lough Erne Resort and Ashford Castle.

“Prior to using Mitrefinch TMS we used a manual written roster for absenteeism records. Rosters were hand written and employee time sheets were also hand written. If a paper time sheet were to get lost, there would be no way to verify what hours an employee had worked.”

“Since implementing the software, the process has become completely automated. All worked hours are stored in a central location which guarantees that employees get paid for all hours worked. We have completely eliminated the old paper trail associated with time keeping.”

“Previously the calculation of hours would take me a full day due to the number of employees that we have in our entire group. Now, I save about 6.5 hours every time I calculate wages due to the system’s automation. I have used other systems in the past that did not integrate with payroll. The employees needed to use 2 different numbers just to get paid properly. Now payroll is exported automatically simplifying the entire process.”

Improved Productivity

“Now we have complete visibility when it comes to absenteeism, lateness and tracking holiday accruals. HR used to have to manually put in all holiday hours. Calculating bank holidays was also a nightmare. Now that the process is fully automated, we can plan holidays much more effectively.”

For more information on Tifco Hotels see: www.tifcohotels.ie

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