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TDG is one of Europe’s leading supply chain solution providers. Founded in 1922, the company has undergone continued growth and now employs over 8,000 people at more than 250 sites across Europe.

In the UK, the company’s various sites use the Mitrefinch Time Management System (TMS) to manage the time and attendance requirements of its 130 staff. The system was originally installed in the mid-1990s and has been upgraded several times since.
Mitrefinch TMS provides data and reports for TDG’s payroll system, which ensures that wages can be more accurately and quickly calculated, taking into account basic hours, overtime and absences.

TDG’s Facilities Manager explains: “The Mitrefinch system has many benefits. We can produce detailed reports to measure performance against our key performance indicators. The custom reporting function also allows us to run reports on specific information that we are evaluating. It’s a great management resource!”

“It is quick and easy for us to set up rosters for warehouse and office staff, and with a higher degree of accuracy. The is particularly important as it helps us to plan with specific skill sets in mind, such as ensuring a first aider is always on site.”

On a daily basis, Mitrefinch TMS is used to run anomalies, add holidays, monitor absences, change access clearance and produce detailed management reports.

“Mitrefinch TMS is a key part of our daily activity and, with the recent upgrade, the system is better than ever!”

For more information of TDG Logistics see: www.tdg.eu.com

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