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Prysmian Australia

Prysmian Australia is part of the world’s largest global actor in the cable manufacturing business – Prysmian Group. Prysmian Australia supplies cables and tailor-made solutions within power distribution and transmission, telecommunication, construction and several industry markets such as mining, oil and gas and renewable energy sources, off and onshore.

Loretta Guerra has been working for the company for the past seven and a half years looking after payroll for over 500 employees at the company’s Australia and New Zealand sites.

Prysmian Australia wanted to be able to provide greater accuracy and real-time insight into which employees are on site or off site to boost safety and business efficiency. As well as that, they wanted a time and attendance system that was able to integrate seamlessly with their existing payroll system.

After careful consideration, Prysmian Australia decided to implement the Mitrefinch Time and Attendance System (TMS). The system allows Prysmian Australia to easily record who is at work or onsite at any given time, as well as highlight exceptions for approval such as overtime, who has come late, who is absent, and who left early. Mitrefinch TMS was able to automate award and entitlement calculations and integrate with the company’s payroll system. Another part of the solution that was particularly attractive to Prysmian Australia was the Health & Safety benefits, as the system gives immediate access to who is at a particular site in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Commenting on the results from implementing the Mitrefinch TMS software, Loretta Guerra, Payroll Supervisor at Prysmian Australia said: “Mitrefinch TMS allows us to easily and quickly locate all our employees – a point that was occasionally an issue in the past – particularly at our New Zealand site. That was because, being located in Australia, we didn’t have that same level of visibility into our NZ site. Now with Mitrefinch, we can be advised straight away if a person is on site, or has left site. It also comes in handy with regards to worker’s compensation issues if someone has left site, or during an emergency evacuation.”

“We use the system every day. At the moment, we use it primarily for its reporting functionality. We run the clock cards every Thursday and every Monday morning for the factory supervisors to come and check off the times for our employees and make sure it’s all right,” continued Guerra.

When asked how she finds the system’s customer support, Guerra said, “I’ve had to contact customer support a few times, and they’ve been excellent. They usually get back to me right away, and if they can’t, I’ll just wait until the next day and they give me an update on my issue, which is really great.”

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