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Prime Laundry

Prime Laundry & Dry Cleaning is the largest independent, privately owned laundry and linen provider in Western Australia. Operating from Belmont, with a satellite distribution warehouse in Bunbury, they have a workforce of over 150 and a fleet of 15 trucks and vans enabling them to operate 7 days per week.

Faced with inefficiencies that resulted from manual time recording and payroll calculation, Prime required a centralised workforce management system that would enable them to utilise their employees’ working time more effectively and gain greater operational control.

Different pay rules had to be applied for the payment of different categories of workers, creating challenges in the consistent application of pay rules.

In addition, Prime had also experienced some issues with ‘Buddy Punching’, whereby employees inappropriately entered time and labour data for each other. This in turn led to lower productivity levels and inaccuracies in payroll calculation.

Prime’s Chief Financial Officer explains: “We required an employee management system that was more dependable, efficient and flexible, capable of capturing accurate employee data in a quick and easy manner.”

Prime decided to implement Mitrefinch’s Time and Attendance solution (TMS) upon recommendation from one of their industry peers, Aarons Linen, who had previously implemented the system at their Queensland operation.

Now, when Prime staff arrive for work, they clock in via a Mitrefinch Biometric Clocking Terminal, which uses a finger scan to identify the employee and a combination of swipe card or personal ID number to verify.

This eliminates buddy punching, ensuring management that they are getting work for the hours they are paying.

Mitrefinch TMS also has the capability to deal with Prime’s varying shifts.

“With staff on a variety of different contracts and shifts, it is crucial to have the ability to easily and accurately draw together all of the information required to run our payroll”.

Importing employee time data directly from TMS to their Sybiz Visipay payroll application is now an automated process that takes only a couple of minutes.

Improved reporting for better planning and forecasting

Where once it was difficult to generate reports about time and costs, now managers can run reports directly from TMS. This allows Prime to efficiently monitor, plan, forecast and budget for its personnel resources with greater control, taking into account absentees, cost per employee and employee specific skill sets.

The information captured gives management an easily-accessed overview of staff attendance which enables them to target resources more effectively through improved shift planning and greater budgetary control.

“We find Mitrefinch TMS very easy to use, in addition reports such as Clocked versus Planned Hours are easily generated. They can also pull reports on hours worked for each team, total number of hours clocked, and track employees by department.”

“In addition, BIC reporting developed through Sybiz Visipay assists with planning and creates better reporting in the payroll department. The transparency to see what is happening with staff is paramount to the successful running of the company.”

Cost savings and improved efficiency

“We are already benefiting in terms of cost savings, improved data integrity and increased efficiency.”

It is projected that Prime will save at least $10,000 per year and more as the company grows and employee numbers increase.

“We’ve achieved what we hoped for from our new system we would recommend Mitrefinch and Sybiz Visipay to any company wishing to install a Time and Attendance and Payroll solution.”

“We are very happy with the level of service and support that we have received. The support team gets things done, the priorities we outlined prior to implementing the new system were met, and any day-to-day issues we encounter are always resolved in a timely manner.”

For more information on Prime Laundry see: www.primelaundry.com.au

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