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Macquarie University

Officially launched in January 2008, U@MQ manages Macquarie University’s non-academic services of food and retail, entertainment, sport and recreation, student groups, child care and student publications. The organisation also houses an elected student representative council.

Biometrics replace Clock Cards

Before implementing the Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system (TMS), U@MQ used manual punch-cards to record and track employee attendance. This process proved to be quite time consuming, taking two to three days to generate the payroll. With Mitrefinch TMS this has now been reduced to half a day.

U@MQ chose Mitrefinch biometric fingerprint terminals to replace their old manual clock card system. Due to employing a high number of casual staff, a biometric system was an important consideration for them. They currently have seven Mitrefinch biometric terminals located around the University campus.

U@MQ’s Infrastructure Support Manager, explains: “We did consider swipe cards but as we employ a lot of casuals we needed to know exactly who was clocking in and out so the biometric system was a good option for us.”

“Now when staff arrive for work they simply swipe their ID card and then place their finger on the reader to verify that they are the owner of that particular card. This swipe card and fingerprint combination provides U@MQ with an excellent combination of security and fast processing speeds.”

“We looked at some other suppliers but found them to be exorbitantly priced, and the service just wasn’t as personal. The customer care from Mitrefinch met all our needs and we’ve never looked back.”

Better control over payroll costs

As well as cutting down the payroll cycle by three days, Mitrefinch TMS has allowed the University to better forecast payroll figures and put a lot of control into supervisors’ hands which had previously been impossible with the old paper-based system.

Mitrefinch TMS is simple and straightforward to use with minimal training requirements – an important factor in assisting its universal adoption amongst staff.

“It took a day or two to collect the background data and after the preparation we had a parallel run with the old and new systems running alongside each other so that we had faith in the figures. The whole process took 2 to 3 weeks before the new system was completely up and running. Mitrefinch showed good project management and provided excellent training.”

For more information on U@MQ visit: http://mq.edu.au/

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