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Hawker Pacific Aerospace achieve significant cost saving with Mitrefinch Time Attendance and Access Control System.

For more than half a century, Hawker Pacific Aerospace has been a leading landing gear overhaul and repair organisation with a reputation for service excellence. They are a subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik and are based near London’s Heathrow Airport.

Hawker’s international customer base includes commercial airlines, air cargo operators, domestic government agencies and aircraft parts manufacturers.

Hawker installed Mitrefinch’s integrated time and attendance (TMS) and access control system in 2008 to monitor and track their 300 strong workforce. They can now use the same ID card for clocking hours worked and allowing access to certain areas of the business.

Before Hawker Pacific Aerospace installed the Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system, unplanned absence, lateness and ghost clocking was an issue. Also the organisation of shift manning levels and staff holidays was paper based and taking up valuable time for managers.

Initially, some employees expressed resistance to the new time and attendance system – but once Employee Self Service tools were rolled out, staff soon bought into the benefits of the application.

Employee Self Service allows an employee to handle many job-related tasks (such as booking holidays and viewing hours worked) that otherwise would have fallen to management or administrative staff.

The IT Manager at Hawker explains: “Once the self-service functionality was rolled out, staff could see their own profile, shift patterns, entitlements and absence information. Since then, lateness has been reduced in many areas.”

Administrative staff run absence reports, allowing them to quickly identify problems or patterns with attendance or lateness. As a result, Mitrefinch TMS has led to significant time savings for them and reduced overheads for the company.

For more information on Hawker Pacific Aerospace see: www.hawker.com

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