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Mitrefinch onsite reporting ensures the safety of visitors and personnel on site at Akzo Nobel and International Coatings. International Coatings in the UK is home to the world’s largest manufacturing plant producing specialist varnishes and paints. Part of multi-national company, Akzo Nobel, they have over 800 employees and an average of 400 visitors and contractors on site every day.

The plant runs a tight ship operationally and recognises that the biggest threat comes from the risk of fire due to the contents of the coatings components they use and manufacture. From a risk assessment point of view, the secondary threat arises from the possibility of a chemical release. To give an idea of the scale of operations, the safe disposal of International Coating’s waste alone costs in the region of $1.5 million each year.

In recognition of the risk of fire, International Coatings utilise the Fire Evacuation functionality available through Mitrefinch’s Time and Attendance System. All visitors, staff and contractors must log onto the Mitrefinch application at their point of entry which comprises a gatehouse and turnstiles.

In the event of an evacuation, a full report of all personnel and visitors onsite can be produced instantly, providing rescue teams with vital real-time information. The report is set to print eight minutes after an alarm has been set off, allowing for those onsite to be evacuated – only those who have not registered as ‘safe’ after the pre-set time are then reported on, ensuring the most recent data is used for rescue purposes.

A weekly report is generated to verify staff attendance during appointed hours and distributed to Departmental Managers for their review. In addition, regular tests and reports are run to ensure that the Fire Evacuation functionality is operating effectively.

Whilst secure in the knowledge that they have the right technology in place to ensure the safety of personnel and visitors on site, International Coatings is able to turn its attention to what it does best – manufacturing leading edge coatings.

The Mitrefinch system has since been adopted by International Coating’s parent company, Akzo Nobel within its Silvertown operations, near London.

For more information on Akzo Nobel please see: www.akzonobel.com

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