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Advance Metal Products provide a complete sheet metal manufacturing solution, from single part or sub-assembly manufacture to turnkey solutions for mechanical and electrical assemblies. Based in Sydney, Advance Metal Products utilise the latest technology to provide laser cutting, metal bending, welding, metal stamping, metal punching, inserting, spot welding, powder coating and 3D design under Quality IS09001, Environment IS014001 & OHS System AS/NZ 4801 Australian standards and certification.

Advance Metal Products were initially using an old Bundy clock system to track employee attendance. As the organisation grew, it became increasingly time consuming to manage the volume of administrative work associated with this manual process. In addition, there was no way of tracking employee anomalies such as absenteeism and punctuality.

Management was also unable to verify if an employee had actually worked the hours recorded, having experienced some isolated incidents regarding ‘buddy-punching’, whereby employees clock in and out for each other allowing them to claim for time they had not worked.

In 2004, the company made the decision to replace their manual system with an automated time and attendance solution. Advance Metal’s General Manager of Operations, explains, “We tried a range of similar alternatives but found that the Mitrefinch TMS system represented the best overall fit for our organisation. There was a combination of factors that swayed us towards Mitrefinch – such as ease of use and the integration with Mitrefinch biometric scanning devices.”

“The most important thing for us was that our employees wouldn’t have anything to remember, for example a swipe card, to bring with them to record their attendance.”

With Mitrefinch TMS, employees are enrolled in the system by placing their fingertip on a biometric scanner. This measures the relationship between several points on the fingertip ridges. The relationship is then recorded as a number code, which helps to reassure staff that the system keeps their privacy secure and their personal data cannot be re-created.

Now, when staff arrive for work they simply tap in a pin number to identify themselves and then place their finger on the reader to verify identification.

Advance Metal Products currently have the Mitrefinch TMS system installed at their two manufacturing plants with approximately 130 employees using it to register their attendance. In peak times, they have had up to 180 employees using the system across three sites.


Allan Murdoch, Business Development Manager, Mitrefinch Australia adds, “Mitrefinch were able to offer a cost-effective solution to address the main problems encountered by Advanced Metal Products. They wanted a system that was easy to use and easy to install. The biometric terminals eliminated the buddy-punching issue, and the TMS software provided a greater level of efficiency in the pay office. Real-time, accurate information is now readily available at the click of a mouse.”

Advance Metals agree that the Mitrefinch TMS system has significantly improved efficiency within their HR and Payroll departments.

“We saved at least half a person in terms of direct labour, as before we employed a person who spent 3 to 4 days per week manually checking the time sheets, investigating discrepancies, processing the payroll and checking figures.”

“We believe the Mitrefinch TMS system has saved us around 1 to 2 per cent of payroll per annum and has proved itself to be more accurate than doing it manually.”

To ensure a seamless roll-out of the new system, Advance Metal Products spent between 1 and 2 weeks running both the old Bundy clock system and the Mitrefinch TMS system parallel to each other. A Mitrefinch consultant was also on hand to iron out any glitches that came up.

When asked about his experience of the Mitrefinch implementation process, Advance Metal’s Operations Manager advised, “We had some initial issues getting used to the system, but they were easily overcome due to the professionalism of the Mitrefinch support team. They understood what we were asking and gave quick and accurate answers so we had a fairly high level of confidence in Mitrefinch from the very beginning.”

The Mitrefinch TMS system is simple and straightforward to use – an important factor in assisting its adoption amongst staff. Training requirements are minimal and as Advance Metal’s Payroll Clerk adds: “Mitrefinch TMS has proved to be easy to use with minimal training in how to use the system needed.”

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