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Published: February 9, 2017

In a recently published article, Forbes cited increased workplace mobility due to better technology as a major driver of change in the future workplace.

Increasingly, being mobile with work is not just about being able to check your emails or send texts from a mobile device. The mobile worker of 2017 and beyond now has access to technology that makes it easier than ever to work from anywhere at any time.

Mitrefinch Mobile Workforce Management makes it possible to manage a mobile workforce, regardless of their physical location. More workers than ever are working from home, on the road, even while travelling from location to location. Mitrefinch mobile workforce applications, improve workplace productivity by making it easier for supervisors and employees to complete a wide range of work related and administrative tasks, such as submitting clock-ins, from any location, at any time. By utilising the mobile devices they are already familiar with, employees can clock in/out or on/off specific jobs from remote work sites, request leave, and review their work information in real time.

Take a look at this fascinating infographic for more information on the mobile workforce.

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