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Productivity hacks part 2: Tips for boosting output

Published: February 27, 2017

HR professionals across Australia are seeking new and innovative solutions for boosting workplace productivity. In this second instalment of our popular ‘Productivity Hacks’ blog series, here are some interesting examples to consider for boosting output:

Keep your productivity rate up

An unusual productivity tip recently published on the popular Australian website, LifeHacker, suggests that light reading during work breaks can boost productivity. As any serious jogger knows, keeping your heart rate up is an important part of a cardio workout. In the same way, the logic for reading on breaks goes that it serves to keep your brain stimulated and switched on, while simultaneously allowing you a chance to step back from your work.

Working from home? Put on a uniform

Hear us out on this one! When working from home, or a hotel room or otherwise, it can be hard to hit your rhythm and focus on work. Tips blog ManMade DIY advises that a uniform might help. The authors further explain that it doesn’t have to be an actual uniform. They mean it more in the esoteric or symbolic sense, and even anything about your surroundings that you associate with work can help create the ‘uniform’ mentality. Many software solutions are also designed to get you in the work ‘zone’, and do things easily from wherever you are.

Update your technology

Sometimes a little technology can go a long way. For example, the Mitrefinch Outlook Add-in allows you to seamlessly and conveniently interact with certain commonly-used TMS features from Microsoft Outlook. This add-in helps time-strapped employees and supervisors manage information quickly and easily, without having to go into a separate application. This intuitive add-on significantly saves time and effort by reducing the amount of applications used.

Enjoy reading these productivity hacks? For other hints and tips on boosting productivity, please check out our previous post on the topic – Part 1

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