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Mistakes may be biggest workplace stress

Published: September 15, 2016

The majority of professionals believe making an error at work is the biggest stress trigger, reveals a new survey.

Research by Deloitte involved surveying more than 23,000 workers to find out what causes them the most worries in the workplace and 82 per cent of respondents felt making a mistake was a key factor.

There was also concerns raised over having to work long hours, dealing with challenging workloads and juggling multiple commitments.

However, Deloitte concluded individual personalities could impact on how stressed people felt in the workplace, with different employees reacting differently to pressure.

Kim Christfort, managing director at Deloitte and national managing director at The Deloitte Greenhouse Experience Team, said: “The survey indicates that workplace stress is relative and not everyone experiences stress in the same way or to the same degree. Much likely depends on that person’s working style and preferences.”

The Business Chemistry stress study also looked at how people cope with stress, with 82 per cent believing tackling the issue head on was the best way to deal with it, while some felt using interpersonal coping strategies, such as talking to someone could help alleviate concerns.

Other ways to reduce stress in the workplace included improving organsiation or taking a step back from the problem to reassess.

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