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Employers should consider performance coaching

Published: September 13, 2016

Performance coaching could play a key role in boosting workplace productivity and reducing employee dissatisfaction, claims an expert.

Kirsten Hansen, speaking to HR Daily, explained performance coaching could help staff focus on their goals and strengthens and create a more harmonious working environment.

Taking a threat approach to staff could result in workers who are defensive and unmotivated, but adopting a more positive coaching style could lead to more open-minded and connected workers.

“If we’re going to be influencing performance, we need to recognise that a positive working environment is really important,” explained Ms. Hansen.

One way could be to have an increased number of one-to-one sessions, so that it is easier to praise and reward employees who have performed well rather than wait for annual appraisals.

A recent study by the Australian School of Business looked at the views of over 5,000 executives and discovered in high-performing companies, employees often feel more valued and optimistic, while low-performing workplaces leads to staff identifying more with feelings of depression, fear and anxiety.

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