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Pet-friendly workplaces may ease stress

Published: August 16, 2016

Employees should consider becoming a pet-friendly workplace to help ease stress, improve morale and attract the best job candidates, claims new research.

Banfield Pet Hospital has revealed its first pet-friendly workplace Pawrometer survey and the results may be surprising for those who are not animal lovers.

Researchers looked at the views of more than 1,000 employees and 200 HR departments to assess whether welcoming pets into work could have a positive impact.

Overall, the answer was very much in support of workplaces becoming more animal orientated, with 70 per cent of workers making the move and 77 per cent of HR bosses also agreeing.

The survey found many felt allowing pets to be brought into the office would reduce stress levels, improve workplace relationships, increase productivity and ensure a great work-life balance.

Tami Majer, senior vice president, people and organization for Banfield Pet Hospital, “It is clear that there is a growing desire among employees and HR decision makers to allow pets at work, and now we can demonstrate the positive impact on a company and its workforce.

“We truly hope this research will expand the discussion around pets at work by adding further momentum to the movement and showcasing the need for company policies that respect both pets and employees.”

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