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Biometric time and attendance System

Biometric and finger scanners integrated into time and attendance software are being part of daily workforce management solutions to provide accurate employee attendance records.

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At the touch of a finger

Free up employee time and yours. By removing manual clocking-in methods or going through security, biometric technology allows your staff to log in quicker whilst authenticating their security clearance. Our quick access reports also allow you to keep track of attendance and absenteeism at the touch of a finger.

Fingerprint time and attendance

Increased accuracy and efficiency

The data captured by a biometric time and attendance solution is 100% correct. Using distinctive features, such as fingerprints, to capture an individual’s time spent at work employers can be assured that the information cannot be faked or misreported. This eliminates “buddy punching” where one employee asks another to clock in or out for them in their absence, costing businesses millions of dollars in losses every year.

Safe and secure

Reassure your employees that their fingerprints are not being stored. Our software only stores templates of fingerprints which cannot be reconstructed back to the original fingerprint, protecting the individual as well as improving security.

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Accurate attendance records and more

100% accurate and invaluable insight – what are you waiting for? Seamlessly fused with our time and attendance software which provides attendance patterns, automates return to work procedures, productivity reports and absence management – we’ve designed a system to save you time.

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