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With Mitrefinch Workforce Time and Attendance Software, we make it easier than ever to manage your complete workforce.

Our Time and Attendance software can monitor and collect employees' clocking times, and find ways to increase productivity, cut costs, reduce absences and improve payroll accuracy.


What Mitrefinch will do for you…


Mitrefinch live and breathe HR

Let employees request and review – Employees can review schedules, hours worked and entitlements. They submit holiday and leave requests and may swap shifts with other employees without time consuming meetings.

is everyone on holiday at the same time?

Streamline and improve staff communication - Notifications can be sent to qualified employees by email, SMS, or via the Mitrefinch Employee Self Service web portal and employees can respond to messages to indicate if they wish to work.

Reduce absenteeism and improve punctuality

Reporting and Analytics - View employee data in real time, and take the hassle out of forecasting workloads, resources, and budgets. Using both current and historical data, analyse data and forecast activity, preventing both understaffing and overstaffing.

We are used by world leading companies and organisations

Flexible working – Flexible and mobile working is becoming more common place and our software and hardware can cope with this change. If you have job-shares, part-time employees, careers or parents then you’ll be able to manage those employees with ease.

Employees can take control

The whole team is on holiday?!?! – With Mitrefinch software you can create holiday rules to stop a number of people form the same department being on holiday to minimise disruption of business operations.

Employees can take control of their own time and attendance

Access the Mitrefinch system via PC, Tablet and mobile - Employees, managers, heads of department and even MDs can access the Mitrefinch system on-the-go via 3g/4g wifi, meaning holidays can be approved mid-commute or even in between meetings. 

Mitrefinch live and breathe HR

Manage Time and Attendance from within Outlook - This intuitive add-on makes working more convenient. Employees may clock in or out from their Outlook and even submit annual leave requests. Supervisors can view their list of employees, their onsite status, and any pending leave requests that needs approval.

Existing payroll

Do you have an existing Payroll system? Not a problem! Information from the Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system can be used and exported directly to your existing Payroll system, removing human error from the process.



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Biometric clocking terminal

Our Biometric clocking terminals uses the award winning multispectral Lumidigm imaging technology so that you can be assured of its ability to deliver security and reliability.

Reduce absenteeism and improve punctuality No image of the fingerprints are stored. 
Employees can take control

Prohibit employees from borrowing cards and entering controlled areas

Line managers can quickly and easily approve or reject requests

Reduces time theft and the possibility of an employee clocking on behalf of another


To find out more about Biometrics in Mitrefinch click here. 


Biometric clocking terminal


Proximity Terminal

If a Biometric clocking terminal is not an option for you, we also offer Proximity clocking terminals to track employee’s attendance.

Our Proximity clocking terminal can support input methods such as:

• Key Fob/cards                                                   

• ID badges

• Keypad pin entry


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 Proximity Terminal





Web based Clocking 

With a Mitrefinch system convenience can be at your employees' fingertips. They'll be able manage their own Time and Attendance via the web, and clock in and out via their PCs.

Reduce absenteeism and improve punctuality Track the different jobs and tasks your employees have clocked into via  Mitrefinch TAS.
Employees can take control

Real-time data is easily accessible to managers or supervisors should they wish to view employees’ clocking information


Eliminate “buddy punching”. Buddy Punching is when employees clock in using each other IDs (key fobs ID badges etc)

Web based Clocking

PC users do no need to install any software




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Mobile Phone

Mitrefinch Time and Attendance software can also track employee’s clockings from any location and provide them the ability to do more.

We support Apple, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phones, our solution is web based meaning any smart phone that has access to the internet or their office Wi-Fi will be able to access these functions.

Employees can…

Clock in and Clock out via their mobile phones Clock in and Clock out using their mobile phones
Employees can take control

Clock in and out of projects or jobs


Request holidays and other types of leave via their mobile.

Web based Clocking

Use GPS technology on their mobile phone to record the position of where they clocked in and out.    




Supervisors can...

Reduce absenteeism and improve punctuality Approve or reject employee’s leave requests
Employees can take control

Clock an employee or a group of employees in and out


Clock an employee or a group of employees in and out of projects or jobs

Web based Clocking

View a list employees who are onsite in real-time or set-up email notifications once employees have arrived or left the site   


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Cloud Kiosk

Employees are able to clock in at their own computer or a shared workstation with our Cloud Kiosk application and PC biometric clocking device.


• Provides convenience due to its compact size. Suited for locations with less staff or offices that have been setup temporarily

• Provides same benefits as a biometric clocking terminal but at a lower cost


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