Staff Scheduling

Mitrefinch Staff Scheduling and Rostering Software helps you ensure you have the right people, in the right place, at the right time - at the right cost


Maximising employee performance can be tricky, especially with flexi-time. Mitrefinch Staff Scheduling & Rostering software automates this process for you - ensuring the right staff are on hand, while keeping costs as low and possible. Easily create a staff schedule that meets the needs of your organisation, team, department or client in a fraction of the time it would take manually.



Rank employees by skills, experience and location to build the perfect team for a particular event, job or project


Employee Ranking - Allocate the best suited people to your projects. Ranking by skills, experience and location enables you to build the perfect team and react quickly to changes as needed.

Your workforce will inevitably have varying levels of skill and experience, some may live closer to a job site, or perhaps they just work better with particular colleagues. Trying to take all these factors into account can often take more time than actually doing the task at hand.

Mitrefinch Employee Ranking allows you to build the perfect team to cover a particular shift or roster. Filter your employee pool according to the parameters you see as important; closeness to work, pay rates, the right blend of skills or training requirements.


Easily find the employee with the right skills for your requirements. Identify skill gaps before it becomes a problem


Skills Matrix - Mitrefinch Skills and Ranking tools help you manage your talent more effectively - ensuring you have the best team on hand to meet your business goals and stay competitive. The Mitrefinch Skills Matrix lists employees by organisation, department, team or shift and shows the skills of each member of the group.

Users can update skills and training, keep track of upcoming training, ask to be notified when an employee requires additional or updated training and can search for employees currently on site with a specific skills set.

  • Ensure shifts, departments and teams are covered with skilled employees

  • Assess strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments as needed

  • Using current data, plan for future requirements

  • Identify training needs and ensure that training and certifications are current

  • Quickly, easily and immediately identify employees with particular skills

  • Ensure skilled cover during holidays, sick leave and other planned and unplanned absences


Ensure you always have current staff availability information when building your shifts and rosters


Managing Availability - Rostering work teams effectively to keep employees happy is a delicate process, especially when things change at the last minute. With Mitrefinch Staff Scheduling, managers and employees are able to update their own availability for work shifts at any time, from any location, via a web-enabled device.

They can also confirm their availability for upcoming shifts when they receive a request via SMS text message or email. This ensures that you always have the latest staff information at hand when building your rosters.

During busy periods, supervisors can set leave slots to restrict the number of employees that can be absent for a particular group, department or team. Once the allocated number of leave slots have been filled, employees will no longer be able to book absence on that particular date.


Staff and supervisors can communicate information about upcoming shifts quickly and easily


Staff Communication - Mitrefinch Messaging functionality facilitates improved communication between supervisors and employees.

Send a notification via email, SMS, or the ESS portal to employees on upcoming shifts available and then record their responses. Once approved, the system automatically allocates the employee to the relevant shift or working pattern. The system also displays a shortlist of people who have sent positive responses.

  • Employees can specify availability via a web portal

  • The system is capable of receiving an unlimited number of texts

  • Supervisors can schedule recurring message to be sent out at a specific time


Take the guesswork out of scheduling. Mitrefinch reporting and analysis tools ensure you have the right number of skilled employees to meet forecasted workloads.


Reporting - Mitrefinch reporting and analysis tools allow managers to look at data and forecast business activity, preventing both understaffing and overstaffing.

  • Analyse current and historical data to ensure you have the right mix of employees to meet forecasted workloads

  • Develop ‘what if’ scenarios that allow for proactive staffing decisions

  • Set predefined budgets for shifts or projects and schedule staff accordingly

  • Roster changes will trigger a notification if the shift is in danger of exceeding budget

  • Active reporting on projects - compare projects over time to track staffing changes


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