Absence Management

Mitrefinch can easily track employee absence patterns and identify issues before they become a problem.


While the occasional employee absence here and there is unlikely to have a significant, long-lasting impact on your business, repeated absences can be detrimental to smooth operations. Having the right information about absences at your fingertips gives supervisors a chance to discuss a problematic situation with an individual and find out if there are ways to make positive changes - especially if there is an underlying reason for a poor attendance record.

In many cases, just knowing that there is an automated time and attendance system in place is enough to deter staff from taking unnecessary leave.



Key Features and Benefits


  • Keep a central hub of all employee absence records, tracking all leave types such as Holiday or Personal leave 
  • Calculate leave eligibility based on an employee's hours worked and hire date
  • Track direct costs associated with absenteeism, such as wages paid to the absent employee
  • Analyse indirect costs, such as lost productivity and cost associated with replacement staff
  • Create work schedules that factor in employees on leave, ensuring you have sufficient cover to meet customer or project demands and deadlines
  • Compare clockings to schedules and set notifications for managers and supervisors when clockings fall outside planned parameters
  • Identify potential problems with employees before absences have a significant impact on your organisation’s bottom line
  • Manage requests for holidays and time off with Mitrefinch employee self-service tools
  • Employees can also check attendance information such as flexi-time balances and entitlements, absence history and planned leave
  • Leave Slots allow supervisors to restrict the number of employees that can be absent from a particular group, on a specific date or time period


About the Bradford Factor


In order to analyse and report on attendance records, the Mitrefinch staff absence management software uses a mathematical equation called the Bradford Factor.

Said to have been developed at the Bradford University of Management during the 1980s, the Bradford Factor is an attendance management tool that can help HR departments monitor absenteeism and flag possible instances of non-genuine 'sickies'.

The Bradford Factor works on the premise that multiple, short-term absences can potentially cause more disruption to a business than a few long-term absences. In terms of employee absence management, single days off may also be considered suspicious - especially if they regularly occur next to the weekend (on Mondays or Fridays).

The Mitrefinch absence management software can use the Bradford Factor to create an attendance profile for every employee. It provides a score based on how many instances of sick leave a person has taken and the total number of days they have been absent in a given period.

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